Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easter Decor

Yesterday I popped into a new store which is actually part of an existing store.  A friend of mine Nicole has just opened Design My Party an extension of My Christmas.  This link is to the facebook page where you can find all the details.  The store is located on Huntingdale Rd and has the most gorgeous party supplies ever.  I don't have any parties happening at the moment but I couldn't leave without purchasing this cute lolly jar.  The lolly jar is the tall one on the right of the photo.  Inside it is the cutest wooden Easter Eggs.  I have had these for a couple of years now and they make an appearance every Easter.  I usually add a new item every year, kind of like I do for Christmas.  Eventually it all adds up and you can do so some pretty amazing decorating.  So now the only decision left is where to display it.  In this photo it is on my front hall table, which I think is where it will stay.

However below it is in my studio where it is with all my other lolly jars that house my supplies, such as flowers, ribbons.  I love displaying everything in big jars.  Over the holidays I moved my studio around with my neighbours help so it all looks and feels quite professional (when its tidy) especially when customers pick up their orders and have a look at the supplies I stock.
In the background you can see part of my vision board, my cute little owl collection, and my other lolly jar filled with fabric petals.  In the front is a stunning pin cushion I purchased on etsy from Creative Paper Trail.  I purchased it for display purposes only as it is too gorgeous to stick pins into.  Plus I don't really sew that much anyway.

Now is the time to make your house Easter pretty.  It doesn't have to cost a fortune.  Mind you on my wish list is a white timber tree from Bed, Bath and Table at Doncaster, hoping it will be on sale soon, to add to my collection so I can actually hang some of the Easter Eggs off it.  I usually purchase items that have a multi purpose use.  Like the jars will be used during the year for parties.  The tree when I purchase it will probably be on display all year round and would also make a great photo prop. 

Hope you all find some inspiration to get into some Easter decorating.

I am summoning the willpower to not eat any chocolate eggs this year.  I have been doing lots of exercise and finally seeing some results as well as being really healthy with my eating and I am trying not too sabotage it all with my weakness chocolate.   I will update you on the other side with that one.  Trying to keep a strong, positive mindset about it all and think of my long term goals rather than the short term fix.  Not a very natural process for an Aries as we usually prefer instant gratification and to make up our own rules as we go and change them if need be LOL!

Oh well as they say you are never to old to learn something new, discipline is my key word at the moment.

On that note, have a lovely Sunday everyone.

Anna xx

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