Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Week in Point Form and Pictures

I can't really be bothered typing this blog post because I have a cold and am feeling a bit over the holidays at the moment but I feel I need to do a catch up on my blog so here goes. 

Friday Night we had a 40th Birthday to attend of one of the mums from school, it was a fantastic night and I danced the night away literally 3 hours on the dance floor. The theme was a hairpiece or wig or hat or anything to glam up your hair.  I played it safe with a flower in my hair personal note must get a little more adventurous with these things

Sunday we celebrated an early Easter with my family becuase my sister is down from China and heading back this Friday and won't be here for the easter day so we did an early easter and of course that meant an early easter hunt for the kids.  I took 6 of these photos of the kids in this positon and not one has them all with a normal smile on their faces all looking at the camera.  Funny face expressions seem to be the in thing so I just go with it now.

Monday was my birthday which was a quiet normal day becuase we had a big lunch at my mums the day before including a cake and happy birthday for me.  My eldest brother put together an album of all the photos of my childhood up until I got married which was nice although I didn't turn 40 I am a couple of years away from that still.  It was kind of like a this is your life type album.  Don't you just look back on your teenage years and think how tragic with hairstyles OMG do not want to revisit those pictures.

My husband never grew up with birthday parties or so he says and is clueless about how to purchase gifts for anyone let alone his wife so yesterday I took my 3 kids into the city on the train and I purchased my own birthday present and had lunch with my kids and we had a really fun day.  Turned the frustration into positive energy and I think its a better way to deal with the situation don't you think.  Plus my kids really wanted to buy me something so this was their chance.  I know I may sound spoiled but it really doesn't take much to make an effort or a kind gesture... anyway that's a whole other post and I am not heading there.  I am certainly making sure my son does not follow in his fathers footsteps when it comes to being generous with money and gifts, hopefully I have influenced my kids enough to show them that giving is really important. Moving on....

Here is a cute photo of the kids in the new Myer store in the city in the basement level.  There was this retro caravan on display which Michael loved so we took a photo

Finally I have hardly had any time for craft or gym  but have managed to keep up walks and running around the block when I can and I did make these cute little ticket tags which I need to complete.

So that's it from me for now.

Hope you are surving the holidays and thanks for letting me vent today.  I am sure its the codral I have taken to get through the day that's making me be a little straighforward and honest.  Just my opinion and please don't take offense if you don't agree.

Anna xx

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