Friday, April 15, 2011

Merchant Gift Tags Available in Store

Hi Everybody,

Happy Friday.  I have survived the first week of the holidays just.  It's beautiful sunny and warm today and I plan on spending it getting plenty of things done around here as well as enjoying the sunshine with my kids and going for a long walk.  This weather is really all over the place from freezing cold to raining and now warm and all you can do is surrender and take it as it comes. 

I have so many requests lately for Merchant Gift tags for wedddings and parties that I have decided to list them as a stock standard item on site now.  These are availble in any colour or patterned paper, just email me for a custom order and we can chat about your requirements.  You can find the ones below here.

Also some cute new stamps arrived this week from Stamp It.   I just have to share them here.  The first is my absolute favourite and it makes me want to have a tea party just so I can make some cute little invitations and tags for it.  The Royal Mail Stamp is timely don't you think with the Royal Wedding approaching.  Some cute sentiment stamps as well as a French postage stamp.  You can find them all here.

Have a fantastic Weekend!!
Anna xx

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