Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy April Everyone

My favourite month of the year.  Can you guess why????

You might have to do some research to find out why, if you can be bothered, but anyway my favourite month just the same and no its not becuase of Easter.

I have just photographed these cute little bunnies and they will be making their way to the site and be for sale shortly.  I have made some little sample gift tags with them as a way to use them.  They would also make some divine cupcake toppers for Easter Day.

Moving on

This is what April in Melbourne looked like for a little while this morning.  I love opening the front door first thing in the morning and letting the crisp air in, and this is what I saw, which looks completely different now approx 1 hr later.

Sometimes I think the weather can depict our thoughts, sunny but raining. I think we often have parallels like this in life.  How beautiful to see the sun stream through whilst the rain falls, it is a great reminder that things in life are not static and we need the highs and the lows to appreciate both.

I have a busy day lined up today.  Thankfully I only have to do one netball run instead of two because hubby is home this morning and is doing the first.  Then I will do the next.  I also want to bake a choc fudge slice for a party we have on tonight and try to get to our school working bee for a couple of hours this afternoon.

So on that note hope you have a beautiful saturday and a brilliant start to April.

Hugs xx

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