Friday, October 8, 2010

Christmas Mulberry Paper Santas, Reindeers and more

How exciting it's that time of year, the build up to Christmas. Okay I know it's only October, for retail however Christmas begins long before Christmas day.

So what has arrived at Koko Vanilla headquarters this week?? the cutest mulberry paper shapes. I have only managed to photograph them at this stage however they will be loaded to the store either tonight or tomorrow at as I have run out of hours today.

I can't believe the first week of 4th term is already over and I realise that I can really loose a week without being half as effective and efficient as I had first planned. So less socialising next week and back to list writing and focusing on the end goal without getting sidetracked on the petty details.
I leave you with some inspirational words I read today
"Worrying will never fix a problem because worrying paralyses us. It actually gives power to the very thing we don’t want to happen. Instead of being afraid of "what might" or "might not" happen, focus on what you WANT to happen and then get fired up enough to make it happen!"
Crystal Andrus

Happy Weekend
Anna xx

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