Sunday, October 17, 2010

Things that make me happy right now

This is a randomn post and just because I'm in the mood.
The last few days I have started a major clean out around here. Trying to find some clarity in my mind and although that doesn't seem to be coming in leaps and bounds I have decided that if I clear the space around me that perhaps the outer will then make the inner clear.

Here are a few things that make me laugh and happy lately, because of course it's important to remember it's not just about getting it done, it's also about being happy and inspired on the journey with a heart full of gratitude. I keep reminding myself to let go of perfectionism about myself and those around me, and although they may not be or do what I would like them to be or do, and I may not do what I set as my intention to do at times, I need to let it go and be gentle with myself and others and just concentrate on being the best person I can be in any one moment.

Okay so here goes some randomn things happening in my world at the moment:

Just looooooving this class. It is new at our gym and one of the mums from school who is a fitness instructor takes the class she is brilliant, full of energy and inspiring. Trying to surround myself with inspiring people that really get what life is about and not just the superficial stuff. I used to love dancing as a kid and I still love it as an adult maybe this was my calling!! LOL. I could do this class a few times a week I really enjoy it and it makes me feel young and energetic and uplifted for the rest of the day when I do it. If you haven't heard of Zumba yet or haven't done a class where have you been??? Guys you can do this as well it's not just for the girls.

Just love this book. Have almost finished reading it and can't wait to see the movie hopefully this week some time. Wish I had the courage to do something as bold as this author. Take an adventure and then write a book about it. How often we settle for a mediocre lifestyle because that's all we know. Or perhaps fear gets in the way and makes us small. What would it take to step into your power and live the life you were meant to lead. "What would courage have you do?"

This photo is just for fun because I would love to be in a field like this and have a photo taken like that. Bliss!

Journalling. Something I always want to do but never find the time to do. Tell my story. They say that writing daily, helps to bypass the conscious mind and get to the subconscious the real controlling part of your brain. Oh boy would I love a day with that subconscious mind of mine I would set it straight, that's for sure!!

Yoga, I love my yoga class and well on the beach would be even more wonderful, my favourite of all places. Just love the beach, the water the sand. Could sit there all day with a great book and the kids around me playing. Oh heck I'll take the body as well. Hehe!

Finally just for fun, because of course it's perfectly fine to want nice things. It's just important that the attaining of those things doesn't compromise your integrity and you are still a grounded person. This is what money could buy. I am not into labels with cars, but I do love this car and I have driven it and it drives beautifully and isn't too big but just big enough with a couple of extra seats. Not that I am having any more kids but its handy to have the extra seats sometimes even if just for separating the kids on family trips when they endlessly fight. I will own it one day , but I am patient (much to my husbands dismay who keeps trying to appeal to the logical side of me "why would you want to drive a truck." "Well honey just because, there doesn't have to be a reason, it's okay you don't have to drive it so get over it and move on." Do you ever have these types of conversations with a controlling partner who is always so logical and sensible. So very over it. A sensible and responsible husband has its up side but hey sometimes you just want to do what your spirit tells you to do like be spontaneous and fun.

However I will say I would never purchase something like this on credit. I would save up and buy it outright, instant gratification isn't my style. Either you can afford it or you can't. Maybe it's my upbringing. But that's just the way I see it. I guess instant gratification is why so much of our country is drowning in debt, now that to me is disempowering living beyond your means, unless of course the debt is earning you something back in return like paying off a house or a business then that's cool.

So once again I have let loose my opinionated self. Please don't take offense if you don't agree it's just me and I am having an educate and save the world kind of moment. I guess that's what happens when you are up at 6am on a Sunday. Okay so enough procrastinating I am off to day 3 of decluttering.

Sending wishes for some sunny rays today after all it is Spring, just a reminder to the Universe, enough rain!!!

Happy Sunny Sunday and if you read my blog and are inspired to create a post like mine send me a link I would love to have a peek. Now what are you waiting for, log off the computer and go and make a difference in your life today or someone elses life. One kind gesture or act of service can send a ripple that just keeps on going. Or do something for yourself that you have been putting off doing, just get it done and over with so the guilt doesn't hang over you like a dark cloud not allowing you to live your best life. Its time for a fresh start, be honest with yourself and begin to put into action the life you are meant to live. Don't wait for the start of the new year, there is no time like right now begin to make yourself happy.

Anna xx

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