Monday, October 4, 2010

Decorative Wrapping with Bakers Twine

Traditionally used by bakers for wrapping their bread in brown paper or white paper and then secured with twine, bakers twine has had a long history of being used to pretty up a parcel.

Over the weekend we had several parties to attend, so I thought I would take photos of my wrapped parcels to show you some examples of how the twine looks on a gift. Twine is also great for wrapping customer orders. I am always impressed when supplies I order over the internet come packaged nicely and with care to detail. I think it makes such a difference and illustrates that the seller take pride in what they sell and how they present it.

Bakers Twine is the ideal wrapping companion, inexpensive, colourful, and makes each parcel look gorgeous. There are many other uses for this twine and many other ways to decorate a gift with it and I will illustrate some of these examples in another post. But for now here are some wrapping ideas.

Customer Orders Wrapping with Bakers Twine

Kids Card Making Kit wrapped with twine

Gift Packaging decorated with Bakers Twine

Take a look at our selection of twine colours here.

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