Friday, October 29, 2010

Snippets of my week

This week has been so busy I finally have a day to breathe and catch up for a few hours. Here are a couple of things that have kept me on my toes...

International Teachers Day - which is today by the way - Happy Teachers day to all the wonderful teachers out there - You Guys Rock!!

Here are some snippets of some other card orders I had for this day, I haven't photographed all the cards but here are a couple I did remember to photograph before handing over, showing you some great ways to use our punches and papers and embellishments on site.

Middle of this week my kitchen table looked like this for a day and 1/2 which drove me crazy whilst I was finishing 50 Birthday Invitations for my Mums 80th Birthday later this year. I recieved a little reminder whilst doing these about how much I love the creative side of this business but not the repetitive side of making 50 of one design. By the end of it I was so over it. Clearly concentrating and focusing doing the same repetitive thing isn't my strong point! LOL.

I also made some time to head down to the Rasberry Trade event and picked up some new gorgeous supplies I will be loading on site shortly as well as meet the lovely girls behind the scenes at Rasberry. This was conventiently located two doors down from my brothers cafe on Canterbury Road - Cafe Lucci. So of course I had to drop in for a coffee and they do make the best coffee there, as well as the fun and friendly atmosphere my brother is famous for.

Finally some more cute Christmas tags for our school fair. So that's it from me I have at least 20 more things to finish off on my list today, so I'm off to make a start.

Enjoy the Sunshine
Anna xx

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Jess said...

Thank you for sharing your project pictures - I love seeing people's workspaces - makes me feel so much better about my own randomness ;)

I know what you mean about the mass production ickiness.. I have to make 30 invites soon, yikes!


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