Tuesday, October 19, 2010

World Teachers Day

Is coming up on the 29th October. On this day we acknowledge the fabulous job all our teachers do. I believe teachers today have a much harder roll than they did years ago. It's not just enough that they teach, they really have to be switched on with all the emotional stuff that goes on in the classroom these days. I certainly have a lot of respect for them and think they do an amazing job. My kids have always been blessed with great teachers, and I am sure sometimes teachers need to pick up where parents lack, which really shouldn't be their job. However they take it in their stride and just get on with it.

I have had a few orders for specialised cards for this day in the last couple of weeks, so here are a couple of designs I have done so far.

If you would like to purchase a card like one of these, you can send me an email at pontikis@netspace.net.au.

Enjoy the sunshine Melbournites, looks like its here to stay for a few days.

Yippee xx

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