Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bakers Twine Pale Pink/White available now!!!

So here it is the newest colour of cotton twine available at Koko Vanilla. 

Pale Pink/White

You can purchase it in store here pale pink/white twine.

Below is a photo of all the colours available.  You can purchase 5 rolls in one listing as I know its too hard to pick just one colour, and the rolls work out a little cheaper that way also.  Find them in store here.  Please be sure to tell me which colours you would like in the comments otherwise you will recieve the default colours I have listed on site.  There are 8 gorgeous colours to choose from.

Bakers Twine Cotton Assorted Colours

Hope you get a chance to enjoy the sunshine.  I am torn between sitting inside and getting work done, and going out to enjoy the sunshine.  I know what I must do but also know what I would like to do.  I might sneak 15 minutes later on in the afternoon just to enjoy this beautiful weather.

Anna xx


Meri said...

Love this colour..how can a girl not love pink!!!

Meri said...

also love your new banner ..gorgeous?? did you design this??

Anna said...

Hi Meri, thanks for your comment luv. Oh if only I had the skill and time to create such a gorgeous banner. I have to credit it to the lovely owner of this etsy store http://www.etsy.com/shop/thephOtospOt.

Check it out her graphics are gorgeous. xx


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