Sunday, November 21, 2010

Decorating Koko Vanilla Style - Dessert Table

After being inspired a couple of weeks ago at viewing Amy's blog on Dessert Table, I knew I would love to give the whole decorating thing a go. So here are a few snaps of my how I decorated the party room aka our Kitchen/Meals area for her party of 12 friends yesterday.

If I had more time and planning I would probably have done a much better job with it.  But given it has been a chaotic and busy month this is the best I could do considering it was a last minute rush job and I had a family party the night before.  I guess my tip would be to choose your colours and then theme everything to those colours.  I chose pink, green and turquoise.  I love that combination and then hunted around for what I could find, from candle holders, to pink jellybeans to paper plates and cups, to making the perfect shade of pink icing for the cupcakes.  I found the cutest green roses for the tops of the cupcakes at a local cake shop around here.  My sister-in-law Meri made the tissue paper pom poms which she does as a business so if you would like some made up for a special occasion or even to hang from a bedroom ceiling they look really adorable.  If you would like details send me an email and I will put you in contact with her. 

The girls had an amazing time, Melanie just enjoyed having only her school friends to concentrate on, my eldest daughter organised and ran most of the games, I am so proud of her she did a great job and even my son was really well behaved considering there was a house full of girls.  Glad to see he relates well and knows when to hang back and not interfere and when to get involved. 

All in all a great couple of days, tiring but fun and we are all partied out for the moment.  Today has been a clean up and relaxing day.  Beautiful sunshine and I now feel like all the big occasions have come and gone and I can relax a little more and conentrate on myself and my business for the next few weeks before it begins all over again with Christmas and School Holidays.

Happy Sunday
Anna xx

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Meri said...

Looks beautiful Anna, sure Mel would have felt very special!!xx


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