Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dessert Table Decor - Absolutely Divine...

Where have I been that I have never come across this concept before??

Oh my!! I think heaven truly is on earth.  Dessert and Papercrafts all on one table.  More than that a career doing this sort of thing.  You have to check out Amy's blog .  I spent hours checking out this blog last night and then looking at the links to other blogs.  Oh imagine doing this, not the baking part, but combining with somone and doing the decorating part.  How much fun would this be and how fabulous does it look.  Who new a dessert table could look soooo good.

I have my daughters birthday coming up later on in November, I have some ideas churning around in my already very overcrowded mind LOL.  Feeling very inspired at the moment not sure why, maybe its too much blog surfing and the spring weather, or maybe because the festive season is coming up.  Either way its time to log of and get something done.

By the way Happy Melbourne Cup Day - Hope you back a winner!!

Anna xx

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